Websavers Does VPS Hosting

Websavers is a company that does vps hosting in Canada. Their website is: websavers.ca. They are reliable, fast, and they offer unlimited bandwidth web hosting services.

The company’s vps hosting options will give your website the scalability, security, and flexibility it needs without having to spend a lot of money. The packages you can choose from are: aluminum, copper, silver, gold, and diamond.

VPS hosting is great for hosting resellers and for those who are looking to transition their in-office server to a dedicated environment. The servers that the company uses are for high production use. They are great for web service, email, and security.

The company also offers managed vps solutions. They have add-ons such as HTTP application layer firewall and TCP/UDP. These add-ons are used for security hardening. There are also add-ons for monthly maintenance, recovery system, and file by file on demand backup. The add-ons come with the assurance and convenience of their customer service. They will work on all of the technical details for you so that you can focus more on your business.

So if you live in Canada and need a web hosting service, you should look into Websavers today. They can help you with your hosting needs.